Congratulations Miss Viva Las Vegas 20

She freakin' did it!   Congratulations to the new, pinup perfect, Miss Viva Las Vegas 20  ... Miss Monique Sweet! Congratulations to Monique - I am so, so, so proud of her!  What an incredible couple of weeks she's had - first her long-awaited wedding to Sam (she is now Mrs Kimber-Bell) and now, winning the … Continue reading Congratulations Miss Viva Las Vegas 20

Best of luck to this beauty

First of all, a massive congratulations to Miss Monique Sweet, who married her sweetheart, Sam, very recently and is off on her honeymoon in Vegas to compete for the title of Miss Viva Las Vegas 20. I wish you all the very best Monique - you will knock their sox off! Reppin' the Kiwis in … Continue reading Best of luck to this beauty

A girl, an earthquake and how she survived it

When I first posted this back in February 2016 I was unprepared for the flood of comments, shares and views that would result from it.   People were obviously blown away by Monique's courageous and terrifying experience during the 2011 Christchurch earthquake. This year Monique is getting married and she is also competing for the title … Continue reading A girl, an earthquake and how she survived it

The quirky Kiwi pinup …

(... let's vote for her for Vegas) Check out this gorgeous babe.  Her name is Miss Monique Sweet, and she is a very good friend of mine.  She is also one of the funniest, sweetest, and yes - quirkiest - women I know! With an amazing sense of personal style - that mixes vintage, modern … Continue reading The quirky Kiwi pinup …

2015: The Highlight Reel – part one

It's been a busy year on MumptyStyle, so I decided I'd summarise it via a "highlight reel" of what happened in my little corner of the blogosphere this year. Doing all twelve months in one post would be just TOO long, so I've done the first six months in one, and the last six months in another … Continue reading 2015: The Highlight Reel – part one

Selfie September – Miss Monique Sweet

Next up for Selfie September is the GLORIOUS Miss Monique Sweet (who just happens to be one of my besties!) ... Monique says ... "This is one of my favourite selfies because it reminds me of several things;  a beautiful day - amazing light - good company - amazing op-shopping - followed by two really great events!  (The … Continue reading Selfie September – Miss Monique Sweet

Happy 1st birthday little bloggy!

Wow ... so it's been a year since I finally got my act together, stopped procrastinating and started a little blog called Having MumptyStyle has bought some fabulous people and lots of new knowledge and experiences into my life and I'm very grateful for that.  Having a blog is a lot more work than … Continue reading Happy 1st birthday little bloggy!

Miss Moonshine’s Three Top Tips for winning a pinup competition

When I asked Miss Moonshine 2015, aka Miss Monique Sweet, if she would give me her three top tips on how to win a pinup competition, she said she wasn't sure she was qualified to do that - 'cos that's the kind of girl she is!  But actually, that's just not true is it, because … Continue reading Miss Moonshine’s Three Top Tips for winning a pinup competition

The Wildcat Shakeout …

Are you planning to head along to The Wildcat Shakeout?  If not ... then you'd better change your plans! The Wildcat Shakeout, presented by Kittyhawk Events, is sure to be a crowd-pleaser!  Like the poster says, there's dancing, schmoozin' and lots of groovin'!  And even better - there's prizes to be won while you're doing … Continue reading The Wildcat Shakeout …

She bloody well did it!

Congratulations Miss Moonshine 2015, Miss Monique Sweet! If you've been following my blog lately (and thank you if you have!) you will have read this post about Miss Monique Sweet's preparation for Miss Moonshine and this post wishing her good luck. Well it worked!  Well - that and a little preparation and input from her of course!!!! … Continue reading She bloody well did it!