How to be a good burlesque audience

So ... I have been to quite a few burlesque shows over the last few years, and I've also been backstage at many burlesque shows as well (by the way ... it's a marvellous place to be!) and so I've come up with a few tips which, if you follow them, will make you a … Continue reading How to be a good burlesque audience

Valen-Tease: a review and poem

Valen-Tease: a review in pictures (presented via some very poor poetry!) Last night's Valen-Tease Really was the bee's knees I had a blast - I always do And here's my review Just for you ... Kicking off the show, was Miss Ooh La La Paree Those glorious legs for all to see Resplendent she was, in purple … Continue reading Valen-Tease: a review and poem


This weekend was a busy and exciting one for Mumpty, who attended two very different, but very fantastic shows. On Friday night I attended the Bring on Burlesque Christmas Show at the Riverlea Theatre and had an absolutely wonderful time with some lovely friends, while we watched other hugely talented friends entertain us! Bring on Burlesque had … Continue reading Burlesque:Cirlesque

In the audience at Dirty Martini …

Wow ... for once, Mumpty is nearly speechless!  ** Warning** pic-heavy post - but when it comes to burlesque, those are the best posts right?!  For the record, all images in this post were taken by the truly marvellous, burlesque photographer extraordinaire, David Rowe from David Rowe Photography - just book him! I have been to … Continue reading In the audience at Dirty Martini …

Burlesque at The Nivara Lounge

Back in mid-December (and goodness that seems like a long time ago now doesn't it?!) I was lucky enough to be asked by the fabulous Ms Tittle Tattle to be a backstage helper at her annual Christmas burlesque show; Burlesque at The Nivara Lounge.  And, as with all Bombshell Burlesque productions, it was a fabulous … Continue reading Burlesque at The Nivara Lounge

A burlesquin’ bachelorette bash!

A burlesquin' bachelorette bash! A couple of weekends ago I was lucky enough to attend the Bountiful Bachelorette Bash of Glamilton diva and Miss Burlesque NZ 2011, Miss Bettsy Rose Lee.  And I'm jolly pleased I did, because it was a show that not only honoured the gorgeous bride-to-be in the most glamourous and exuberant way, but … Continue reading A burlesquin’ bachelorette bash!

The A to Z of Burlesque (part two)

The A to Z of burlesque (part two) ... I decided it might be kinda fun to put together an "A to Z" of burlesque in New Zealand. This is part two in the two-part series. Click here for part one (A to M). N is for nudity ... While you won't get full nudity at a … Continue reading The A to Z of Burlesque (part two)