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Product review: break-up make-up balm by Goodness

Product review: break-up make-up balm by Goodness Natural Beauty Lab

break-up make-up balm

A while ago I did a review on the Goodness Natural Beauty Lab’s Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil (you can read it here) and it impressed me so much, I decided I very much wanted to try their break-up make-up balm … and so I did!

One of the initial drawcards for me was the packaging – it’s so cute!  I do love a good tin – especially because you can use it afterwards for all sorts of things; storing your earrings, making soy candles (well, I guess you can – I never have – but it sounds Pinteresty right?!)  Oh – and I liked the name too – it’s clever.

The second thing that sold me was the product description:

“I’m a slick quickie at removing all sorts of make-up.  With all the goodness of chia seed, coconut and avocado oils, your skin will be oh-so-clean and super soft”

And to be fair – they’re quite right!  After using this product, my skin does feel oh-so-clean AND super soft!  It also got my mascara off without stinging my eyes, and that is no mean feat.

I read somewhere too (and I don’t remember where) that it will “melt my make-up off” – I liked the sound of that and that’s pretty much what it does.  It’s kind of a soft,  wax-like substance that you warm in your hands before smooshing onto your face and then massaging it around a bit – concentrating on the areas that have the most make-up.  Then you rinse it off and et voila – you’re done!

Wanna know another thing I love about this product?  It’s cheap as chips!  I bought mine at Farmers for $19.99 – and I’ve seen it on sale for $15.99.  So good.  It comes in an 80ml tin and judging on my rate of usage so far, I would say you’d get a good two months out of a tin.

The only drawback?  And this is because I am DEAD LAZY.  (Prior to getting this, I was removing my makeup with a wipe **chill out man, it’s not that bad!**)  and so I thought I would use this stuff and then remove it with a wipe.  So that’s what I did, but my skin felt a bit waxy and I got a horrible feeling when I was lying in bed that my pores could be being blocked as we speak … so I got myself out of bed and washed it off properly with water and a facecloth.   So there’s that.


Anyway … this post needed more pics and I couldn’t be bothered taking one, so I am using this pic of me, “fresh-faced”, from a couple of years ago.  Let’s face it, there aren’t many “fresh-faced” photos available for me to choose from – I tend not to keep them (!) so I’m gonna leave it to you to imagine I had used break-up make-up balm just prior to this photo. Thanks.

By the way, this product is vegan friendly, light-weight, non-greasy and contains chia seed oil’s winning 3:1 ratio of omega 3 to omega 6.  (And yes, that was straight off the tin.)

And that, my friends, is my review.  I hope you enjoyed and find it useful.

break-up your make-up ….



2015: The Highlight Reel – part two

2015: The Highlight Reel – part two

Highlight reel2This is part two of my post summarising what was, in many ways, a very sparkly and wonderful year for MumptyStyle!  You can read the first part here.

Herewith, Mumpty’s highlight reel – part two;

In which I purchased and reviewed my Erstwilder Oscar Wildenfox brooch, purchased from the darling Pinned on You; did a Pinup Wishlist; followed a week in the CRAZY-BUSY life of The Danger Doll; did a “lip-off” between Jeffree Star and LimeCrime; did a Five Iconic Shoes post; and casually interviewed The Cherry Dollface (gulp!) about being aTudor geek and stuff!
Most popular post: A Week in the Life of The Danger Doll
My favourite pic:

The Cherry Dollface – with her Christmas tree decorations, of which Mumpty is insanely jealous!

In which I interviewed the fabulous Margarita Bloom about her potions and lotions; my little blog had it’s first birthday (whoop, whoop!) and we did a wee prize-giving; did a post on the random search terms people used to arrive at MumptyStyle and featured letters from Marilyn Monroe.
Most popular post: You really should be at Bananarama.
My favourite pic:

All I want

In which I ran a feature called Selfie September which culminated in a Selfie September Mashup; and featured Miss Mollie Tov; Mumpty; Miss Monique Sweet; Bethany Starr; Michelle; Amber Bambi; Alexie RicRac; Madam Mutiny; Courtney & Poss; Beth Stapleton and Miss Cherry Lashes.  I also reviewed the Amy Winehouse documentary.
Most popular post: Selfie September: Beth Stapleton
My favourite pic:

Courtney & Poss
Courtney & Poss

In which I reviewed the SauceBox Creme de la Creme eyeshadow palette; reposted about my incredible friends; did Five Fabulous Frocks on Friday; did Doing, Wanting, Reading, Eating (part 3) and oh, had a birthday!
Most popular post: LimeCrime -v- Jeffree Starr
My favourite pic:

Dita in THAT frock
The incomparable Dita von Teese in THAT FROCK by Zac Posen

In which I pretended to be a beauty blogger and reviewed the Manuka Doctor facial peel; Only Good body wash and The Manizer Sisters palette by The Balm.  I also reviewed Crazy Diamond @ The Meteor and wrote about how to avoid fakes when buying vintage Louis Vuitton.
Most popular post: LimeCrime -v- Jeffree Starr (again!)
My favourite pic:

The spectacular Honey Suckle

In which I did my Highlight Reels (of which this is part two – and here is part one); did my first Get Ready With Me (the Bettie Rage edition); reviewed Bring on Burlesque at The Riverlea Theatre and Cirlesque at The Hamilton Gardens; did a review on Serioxyl and did my Christmas lust list.
Most popular post: Burlesque:Cirlesque
My favourite pic:

Polly Filla
The stupendous Miss Polly Filla

Oh yes – and this is also the month Mumpty discovered filters on Instagram and looked like a deer in the headlights (but an oh-so-delightfully-filtered-deer!)


Sparkle like it’s a 2015 summary …


2015: The Highlight Reel – part one

2015: The Highlight Reel – part one

Highlight reel

It’s been a busy year on MumptyStyle, so I decided I’d summarise it via a “highlight reel” of what happened in my little corner of the blogosphere this year.

Doing all twelve months in one post would be just TOO long, so I’ve done the first six months in one, and the last six months in another – cos I’m tricky like that!

So … herewith, highlight reel – part one (you can read part two here😉

In which I reviewed Burlesque at the Nivara Lounge; blabbered about what I’d buy if I had $800 to spend at LUSH; did my first Summer Essentials tag and one of my besties, Miss Monique Sweet, won Miss Moonshine 2015.
Most popular post: Five iconic handbags
My favourite pic:

MumptyStyle Miss Monique Sweet Miss Moonshine
Miss Monique Sweet

In which I talked about how I wash my Jenny dresses in the bath; told you what I’m doing, wanting, eating, reading, loving for the second time; talked about possible Valentine’s Day presents for the new Mum and then Valentines Day for Pinups; talked about my first Makeup Obsessives meet-up and interviewed Annah Stretton.
Most popular post: Are apps and Photoshop ruining your self-esteem without you even knowing it?
My favourite pic:


In which I did a series called The Pinup Platoon (interviewing the 10 finalists for Miss Pinup New Zealand) and gave away not one, but two Erstwilder Flamingo necklaces; chatted with the fabulous Flo Foxworthy and talked about Annah Stretton’s RAW (Reclaim Another Woman) initiative.
Most popular post: Pinup Platoon: Agent Bluebelle
My favourite pic:

Agent Bluebelle

In which I talked about the secret language of fans; reviewed the incredible Dirty Martini; MET the incredible Dirty Martini; started a series called Sartorial Secrets and interviewed Fancifora Foxglove; had a fictitious evening out in pictures (featuring Dita and George); wrote a bit of fiction; just casually met Joanne Gair; reviewed The Very Vintage Day Out and congratulated Bettie Rage on winning Miss Pinup NZ and Miss Victory Violet on winning Miss Viva Las Vegas.
Most popular post: Congratulations Miss Viva Las Vegas
My favourite pic:

Mumpty and Dirty
Mumpty and the incomparable Dirty Martini

In which I showed you how to revive your eyebrow kit; pretended to spend $800 at Shoes of Prey; did Sartorial Secrets interviews with Madam Rou and Bettie Rage; told you about my Red Lipstick Survival Kit; talked about the incredibly beautiful art of Alexia Sinclair and did a feature on Mother’s Day for Pinups.
Most popular post: Inspirational Women: Carissa Ludlow
My favourite pic:

Alexia_Secret Garden
The Secret Garden – Alexia Sinclair

In which I reviewed Tease & Trouble at The Meteor; outlined my Week in Coffee; went behind the scenes at Viva with Ginger Watson; wrote my most popular blog post EVER (see below); reviewed my first Makeup Obsessives Beauty Box; did a “Taking Stock” tag and reviewed Pinup Shoes: the good, the bad and the ugly.
Most popular post: Scarring, seams & self love: the life and times of Willow Noir 
My favourite pic:

Ginger Watson
Ginger Watson

And that’s just the first six months of 2015!!!  Come back tomorrow for the second half!

Summing it up with a smile …


Inspirational women – Teer Wayde

Five quick-fire questions with inspirational women … Teer Wayde

MumptyStyle Teer Wayde
Photo of Teer in Wheels & Dollbaby “Mantrap” dress by Brooke Orchard Photography.

A few weeks back I was thinking about my friends, the women I’ve met and and some of the other fabulous women you see and read about in the media.  It struck me then how inspirational many of them have been to me in one way or another, and so I decided to do a little series on my blog, acknowledging some of these gorgeous women.

When thinking about the questions I wanted to ask, I decided I needed to put a couple of rules in place – only so as to ensure I got diverse answers!  You’ll see what I mean when you see the rules.

The rules:
1) You can’t choose your children as your greatest achievement – even though they are!
2) You can’t choose your Mum or Dad as your most inspirational person, even though they may well be! 

MumptyStyle Teer Wayde
Photo by Brad Blake Photography.

So … I am very honoured to introduce the third fabulous woman in my series of inspirational women, the outrageously beautiful Teer Wayde.MumtpyStyle Teer

Teer is a sassy and beautiful plus-size pinup model with attitude and style by the bucketload!  She has a highly successful and visually stunning blog Curves to Kill, where she showcases her finely-honed style and demonstrates her passion for pinup.

Q1.  In 10 words or less, what are you most proud of?
A. Currently my fiancé – he’s just released his first solo album.  (Check out Teer’s fiance on Facebook – Jaywarsau

Q2.  What habits would you say make you successful at what you do?
A. I’m a perfectionist – the model vs the blogger!  When I shoot for my reviews I plan everything – styling, location, the right photographer and every little detail in order to make the end result perfect.  In regards to my modelling – practice and patience! 

MumptyStyle Teer 2

Q3. What do you do for yourself that helps keep you going?
A. I’m very true to myself – be it the styles, the brands and the companies I represent.  I could not keep my blog going if I was not.

Q4.  What’s the first name that pops into your head when I ask who inspires you?
A. An endless list of plus size models!  I can’t name just one as I’m inspired by them daily.

Q5. Why?
A. These women are pushing boundaries, changing perceptions and making women around the world proud of what they’ve got. 

MumptyStyle Teer
Photo by Shauna Phoon Photography

Why I find Teer inspiring …
Curves to Kill is the name of Teer’s blog and she certainly knows how to rock those curves like no one else!  I love her style, her attention to detail and the practical, engaging content of her blog.

As you can see from the photos, Teer herself looks like one of those beautifully-curated women you see on Pinterest inspiration boards for Pinups – we can but aspire!MumptyStyle Teer 3

Thanks so much for your answers Teer – I’m so proud to have an amazing pinup role model like you here on my little blog.

Follow Teer on Twitter … @teerwayde
Schmooze with Teer on Instagram @teerwayde
Read her website/blog … www.curvestokill.com
Like her Facebook page … www.facebook.com/TeerWayde

If you’d like to see more photos of the stunning Teer, check out her portfolio on teerwayde.com

Extra for experts: click here to see Teer’s photos in Adore Pinup Magazine.  You’ll also see our very own Miss Victory Violet!

Enjoy …


Nine Q&A’s with Joanne Gair (part two) …

Nine Q&A’s with the world’s premier body painter and makeup artist, Joanne Gair …   

Today’s post is part two of an amazing interview with world-renowned makeup artist and body painter, Joanne Gair.  Click  here for part one.
MumptyStyle Joanne Gair feather
Q5.  Joanne, you are, and have worked with some of the greatest names in the business in terms of hair stylists, photographers and the like. Do you have any special tips or tricks you’ve learned along the way you could share with us?

A. I’m going to answer this from the perspective of someone wanting to get into the business of makeup artistry.
The most important tip I can give you here is to know your place in the team. The photographer and the client are the leaders. Come prepared – do your homework and research, research, research. Don’t assume you’ve got everything in your kit just because you were successful with it on your last job. If at all possible, have a conversation with everyone involved beforehand and make sure you know what their expectations are with regard to the makeup component of the shoot.

Nails – nails are a big thing now and I see salons popping up everywhere in New Zealand. Don’t just assume nails will be done; ask! If a manicurist is going to be onsite, great; but if not, make sure you know whether you are expected to deal with nails. Hands are extremely important; particularly when you’re doing wedding shoots or beauty of any kind. If there is no manicurist on set, make sure the model comes with nails manicured/pedicured to save time. You then would need to apply the colour. Timeframes – you need to know when the model is required to be “camera-ready” and work back from there. You are part of a team; you are not the only person. If a stylist needs to take the model away for a fitting, make sure you allow them to do that; they have often been working on their part of the shoot for weeks – you are just coming in at the end. Of course no one wants to be the last one and have to be hurried, but you all need to work in together. Often you can do your skin prep at the start and then when the model’s hair is set and off her face, that is when you can really go all out on makeup.
Photographs – it is EXTREMELY important that you don’t take photographs on set; this is very intrusive and it’s not your place to do so … that is the job of the photographer. Do not Instagram photographs or mention things on social media unless you’ve been given permission to do so; often a makeup artist won’t see photographs of their work, or even be able to talk about it, until the shoot has gone to print and this could be months. Don’t make the mistake of overstepping the boundaries on this one. I’ve seen people lose excellent opportunities and promotions through this type of poor judgement. Knowing your place is the biggest lesson to learn.

Q6:  Great makeup, and I’m sure great body painting, starts with great skin. Do you have a specific skincare line that you recommend your clients, or do you “pick and mix” your recommendations based on individual requirements?

A:  I really mix and match products to be honest. Here are some of my current picks …

Le Mieux – You would be well advised to try it! I particularly like the TGS-V eye serum masks. I actually can’t believe how brilliant they are. They are absolutely magical for reducing the appearance of fine lines. The product comes in a pack of four and would be an excellent treat for a client; simply pop them on and leave them for 15 minutes minimum but preferably up to 30 minutes; bliss!

Le Mieux Derma Relief Serum and TGS-V booster – I find this product brilliant to mix with the Skindinavia The Make Up Primer spray I mentioned earlier. I put a drop of each on the back of my hand and apply it to the skin. It’s a water-based moisturiser and your foundation simply glides over the top.

Mario Badescu Skincare line – I’ve used this range myself for a long, long time. It’s not expensive and they’ve managed to keep the price point reasonable by packaging it in plastic; it’s not flash, but the product inside is wonderful. My favourites in this line are the Cucumber Cleansing Lotion and the Glycolic Eye Creams.

Embryolisse Body Lotion Lait-Crème Fluid Multi-function Nourishing Moisturiser this one’s not cheap but I particularly love it. I’ve heard people refer to it as gold! It’s a light-weight body moisturiser, but you can certainly use it on the face as well. It’s not greasy and works well in humidity. Actually, this one is a really good one to use on shoots when fabrics can be problematic with getting product marks. Say for example a model was wearing a very fine silk fabric, you wouldn’t be popular with the stylist if you applied a moisturising product that left greasy marks all over the fabric! These are things makeup artists need to be aware of when working as part of a team!

Nivea Intensive Care Moisturiser – this is an inexpensive product that comes in a large bottle from your local drug store. It’s great for when the body needs a shiny look and you want a lovely natural glow to the skin.

Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray – this is an oil-free spray that is pretty new. Skindinavia currently has only two sprays. Order them both! If you can’t afford both, get the primer spray first and then save for the finishing spray. Some people set their makeup with a mist of aerosol; I find this gives a bit of a plastic feel which I don’t like. The Skindinavia spray doesn’t give you that feeling and it’s full of lovely nutrients as well!

Lucas Paw Paw Ointment – I’ve travelled for over thirty years and this is the product I used to bring back to the USA as gifts for everyone, however it’s readily available now. It’s an essential for a makeup artist’s kit; I always apply it on my model’s lips as part of the skin prep process and it makes lipstick application a dream. This is my gold! My sister puts it all over her face once a week and goes to bed with it, she completely believes in its skin repairing powers. The plus side is a little goes a long way and it’s not expensive.

Aloe Vera gel – I believe the aloe vera plant is the most underrated plant ever! The gel has almost magical properties; you can use it straight from the plant by simply scraping the gel out and applying it directly – it can be a bit sticky and has a slightly unusual smell though, so you probably wouldn’t use it on a client. This is where the Epicuren Aloe Vera Gel comes in! This is aloe vera gel in its most pure form; it doesn’t flake or roll and I use it every day – my foundation goes over the top of it. I like it because it calms the skin and tightens the pores. I also use it after I’ve cleansed my skin and before my creams. It comes with a pump dispenser.  

MumptyStyle Joanne Gair bikini

Q7. Do you have a favourite fragrance or “Holy Grail” product?

A:  I love perfumes and I try different ones all the time as I travel through airports on a regular basis. I must admit though that I am rather attracted to the traditional perfumes – my mother uses one by Elizabeth Arden which I love called Beautiful. I’m initially attracted to the bottles to be honest, and I mix and layer different perfumes a lot too, which is fun. Two perfumes I love are Serge Lutens 5 o’clock (Au Gingemvre) and Givenchy’s Amarige. 

Q8:  Table of eight for dinner; you and seven other people (living or dead) … who would they be?

A:  I’m homesick at the moment, so I’m going to take the easy option here and say“my family!” I’m a Kiwi girl at heart and I adore the chance to sit around the table, have hilarious conversations, laugh out loud and share memories. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I have travelled a great deal in my life but I still believe New Zealand is one of the most beautiful and special places in the world. It is an absolute pleasure for me to come home and spend time here with my beloved family. 

MumptyStyle Joanne Gair Wallpaper
© 2005 Joanne Gair/PQ Blackewell

Q9.  If there was a “makeup time capsule” to be opened by a makeup obsessed girl or guy in 50 years time, what product would you put in it and why? 

A. One product, one word … sunblock. Particularly for those of you in New Zealand and Australia. The one I love and use the most is the Banana Boat Ultra Defence Sheer Protect SPF50 – it’s lightweight, not greasy, inexpensive, somewhat water-resistant and full of antioxidants. The thing I love about it is that I can put it on under my foundation and I don’t have to reapply it all day. Whichever sunblock you choose, just make sure that you have the appropriate SPF!  

MumptyStyle Joanne Gair Pink and Gold

Joanne, thanks so much for your wonderful answers – I’m sure they will inspire my readers to “stalk your work!” I’d like to thank you again personally – I’ve so enjoyed working with you on this Q&A; you are a true professional and a generous and beautiful soul.

If you’d like to find out more about Joanne Gair and her AMAZING work you can (and you must!) find her at the following social haunts:

Web: www.joannegair.com
Instagram: joannegair
Twitter: @joannegair  

(NZ Stockists)
Skindinavia www.makeup.co.nz
By Terry www.meccacosmetica.co.nz
NYX www.makeup.co.nz; www.beautybliss.co.nz
Mario Badescu www.glamourpusscosmetics.co.nz
Embryolesse www.strawberrynet.com; www.trademe.co.nz
Kryolan www.theatreshop.co.nz; www.minifies.co.nz; Auckland store
M.A.C www.maccosmetics.co.nz – Auckland store (there is a store-finder on the site)

Extra for experts:
(A Q&A with Joanne detailing the body painting process)



Nine Q&A’s with Joanne Gair (part one) …

Nine Q&A’s with the world’s premier body painter and makeup artist, Joanne Gair …   

MumptyStyle Joanne Gair flowers
© 2005 Joanne Gair/PQ Blackewell
With a client list that includes Madonna, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Cindy Crawford, Demi Moore and Heidi Klum, Joanne Gair is an EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY big deal in the makeup and body paint world and I am so proud to feature her here on MumptyStyle!  And wow – she’s from New Zealand!

“Kiwi Jo’s” work is absolutely incredible; so incredible in fact, she’s been featured on “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!” Honestly, there’s just not enough time or space here to even touch on the amazing work Joanne has done (and yes, she did THAT body paint on Demi Moore for Vanity Fair- click here to see!) Unfortunately, I am are not able to embed photos of much of the work Joanne has done in this Q&A due to copyright issues with Sports Illustrated, Vanity Fair and other little companies like that (haha!) so you’ll just have to get clicking! A great place to start is Pinterest – type Joanne Gair into the search function and prepare to be amazed! Click here for a painted Heidi Klum; here for Rachel Hunter and here for Madonna.

You should also go to her website – www.joannegair.com – and just bathe in her glory – it really will blow you away! And guess what – she is the NICEST lady too – triple bonus. Joanne took over an hour out of her busy schedule to talk with me, not to mention several follow-ups and e-mails, and for that I am incredibly grateful. Joanne would love to connect with you all on Instagram too, so check her out – @joannegair

So get clicking ladies and gentleman; but in the meantime … meet Joanne Gair.

MumptyStyle Kiwi Jo
Kiwi Jo – Joanne Gair

Joanne, thank you so much for doing this Q&A (which was originally written for www.makeupobsessives.com)  As I’ve mentioned, your work is incredible and the attention to detail is phenomenal. We hope this article will help inspire other makeup artists to achieve greatness too!

Because Joanne shared such a wealth of information in this Q&A, I have decided to publish it in two parts.  But don’t worry – you won’t have to wait long – I’ll post them on consecutive days!

So – here goes with part one …

MumptyStyle Joanne Gair MAC displayMumptyStyle Joanne Gair MAC 2
Q1.  The August 1992 cover for Vanity Fair featuring Demi Moore catapulted both you and the art of body painting to fame. What products do you use for body painting and have they, or your artistic process, changed much since that defining work?

A. The Vanity Fair body paint shoot was actually a follow up story on Demi Moore from the previous year where she was featured pregnant on the cover of the August 1991 issue. I had done the makeup for that shoot too. Annie Leibovitz, who photographed both stories, had us in Hawaii and Los Angeles for different photo sessions during 1992. Eventually, it was decided one of the shoots would be body painting. Demi and I had discussed having her painted over previous years of working together with me only doing beauty makeup on her. This was her first of many painting sessions with me.

A lot has changed since that shoot with Demi. I originally only used Aqua Colours which are water-based. The brand is called Kryolan which is a German product – it is readily available everywhere now. Aqua products can be applied with a brush; sponge or with your fingers – the work I did on Demi utilised all of these techniques. Makeup through body painting has become more of an art form and the products are numerous in choice and so sophisticated. I’m very lucky that people send me products to try all the time. I love knowing what is new on the market!

Essentially nowadays body painting is a layering process. In addition to water based products, I work with alcohol-based, latex, silicon and acrylic products, and because of this the process has become more involved. The downside is there is more to sort and carry in my kit! For Sports Illustrated I tend to start with an alcohol-based product and then layer over painting with other products as I get to achieve the look and texture I’m after. There are innate requirements for each job and I adapt the products and processes I use each time to suit.

One thing I’d like to point out for anyone getting started is that you don’t have to have all the expensive products in order to do this type of work. Essentially, if you can use a product on your face, you can use it on your body; it’s all skin and there’s no right or wrong, particularly when you are colouring in. The most important feature of a product is its ability to mix and to stay on the skin without slipping or fading. M.A.C has a wonderful aqua line both in pancake and liquid colours. They also have a colourful grease stick and a silicon-based line that you can airbrush to achieve different looks. M.A.C’s Auckland store is excellent; their staff are very helpful and knowledgeable – it’s a great place to go for someone wanting to start out in body painting and in makeup in general. 

Q2:  With the massive attention to detail that is synonymous with your work, how long on average, would a full body paint take to complete?

A:  Aaaahh – this is the question I get asked most often! It is really totally dependent on the detail involved in the job. Generally though it varies between 8 and 12 hours; 12 being more realistic as normally there is hair and makeup involved as well.

In order to estimate a time frame, I ask the following types of questions:
How are you intending to crop the image – i.e. head and shoulders, waist up, full length etc?
Do you expect to be able to view the full body all the way around?
How many colours are being used, pattern, detail, etc. – all these add to the time it takes.
Are you going to be shooting on location?
The day’s weather also has a lot to do with time frames. You also need to add at least 45 minutes if any areas of the body need to be covered with latex for privacy.

Q3. Joanne, you’re not just a body painter (and I say “just” as a huge understatement!) you are an extremely accomplished makeup artist as well. What “new trends” have you noticed (or started!) lately that we should be aware of? Is there a trend you think should be banned (I’m thinking something like bleached eyebrows here!)?   

A:  Bleached eyebrows! It’s not really an everyday thing you would do for the public – it’s more of an artistic expression that a MUA might use for runway or photographic magazine looks. You don’t have to go so far as to actually bleach the eyebrows; if you dip an eyebrow wand into a reasonably thick foundation and comb it through the brow, you’ve made the brow a lot more subtle and given the illusion of being bleached; it’s a quick fix. Actually, I’m not against bleached eyebrows – it makes a much bigger canvas for the eye which can be fun.

I’d rather see eyebrows bleached than plucked though; plucking inevitably damages the follicles and not only do they not always grow back; if they do, they often grow back in the wrong direction! If you’re going to pluck them, always pluck in the direction the hair is growing.

TrendsI think trends are very much seasonally dependent. In New York we are currently in summer. The other thing I would say regarding trends is that there is actually nothing new; they’re simply things that have been seen before that are being interpreted and applied in a new and different way. For example right now eyeliner is big again and has been for a while, particularly the application of the cat eye. Eyeliner has been around for years and years of course (a smoky eye with cat eye liner is the trademark for Guess for example) but it’s being interpreted in a different way on the catwalks right now; they’re playing with bold colours on the eyes; greens and blues; they’re taking the colours into areas they’ve previously not done before – up to the brow for example and others are playing with it under the eyes etc; they’re using iridescents and geometric shapes. That type of look is definitely high fashion/artistic expression rather than an everyday look – it’s about making a new statement, making a trend!

Anybody can set a trend – it’s really just using your imagination to create something that’s outside our normal use; it’s doing something different. Coming up with a new trend pushes your imagination – that’s why makeup artists are often sent new products; they’re hoping you’ll use your imagination to push the boundaries with their products. It’s fun and it’s what keeps things exciting!

Trends are also evident in the way new products are marketed now; their packaging; the hype surrounding them – it’s a way of differentiating them from the “normal” and going above and beyond.


Q4:  What are your top five favourite products (they could include hair, makeup, fragrance or supplements?)  

A:  Note from Mumpty: this was an extremely difficult question for Joanne to answer! She said she has her “regular old favourites” but she is constantly being exposed to new products; some of which have blown her away. These ones are ones she loves at the moment, but she did mention we could interview her again in six months time and she’d have a new list for us!

MumptyStyle Skindinavia Primer Spray1) Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Spray – this is an oil-free spray. I am really impressed with this product. I know they worked hard on the dispensing mechanism. The spray nozzle is the best one I’ve ever used; it gives a really nice, even spray. It brightens and nourishes the skin. Makeup sits smoothly on top with no product rolling or any build-up happening. If I had to choose one primer to use, this would be the one I would suggest. It’s an absolute must for your kit. Skindinavia is relatively new on the market and is rapidly becoming very popular amongst makeup artists.

2) By Terry foundation – E’clat Opulence – By Terry have many foundations but this is the one I always have in my kit. It comes in a glass pot and the colour I use personally is Nude Radiance. Its creamy, silky texture can be blended out quite sheer and it can be warmed up with blushers, bronzers etc. You can also have it quite thick if you want more coverage and it can even be used as a concealer.

Most people only have one foundation. Remember you will need to alter it depending on the season and if the skin colour has changed due to tanning, etc. I don’t believe it’s really necessary for a consumer to have more than two different foundations as long as they know how to warm up the foundation they have by dusting a warmer powder or bronzer over the application where needed.

3) AMAZING Cosmetics Powderset setting powder – even though it’s white in the compact, this product is so translucent it can go on any skin tone. It’s velvety, matte and very sheer. You can apply it with a brush, however I find it works really well if you just press it into your skin with a latex sponge – use it only on the areas you need – t-zone, eyelids, forehead etc. I like the fact that it comes in a slim-line compact with a good-sized mirror as I love a good two-in-one product – this one will last you forever.

4) A good mascara – I go through gazillions of them! I’d like to make the point here that you don’t need expensive mascaras – a good mascara is really all about the wand to be honest; there are multitudes of them out there so keep playing and experimenting with different ones! Having said that, I am loving M.A.C Extended Play Gigablack mascara – the bristles on this wand are quite far apart and they coat your lashes individually without clumping. Because they don’t clump you can achieve a natural look with a single application or go for something much more dramatic by building layers. It comes in a smaller container than most mascaras which I love as I find bulky mascaras are horrible to pack in my makeup bag.

5) A great eyeliner – Rapid Black Penultimate eyeliner by M.A.C – this one is perfect for both the everyday person and for the makeup artists out there. It’s a loaded felt tip pen that gives you an almost fool-proof line that lasts a long time. I find liquid eyeliners that are applied with a brush can be problematic; the bristles inevitably get damaged and it makes it very hard to achieve a good, clean line. With M.A.C’s felt pen eyeliner you will get a very proficient line; it’s very gentle to the eye and doesn’t poke you in between your eyelashes.

6) Lipstick – I adore lipsticks – they’re an absolute must! Here’s a little trick I’ve always done with my lipstick and I find it works with almost every colour … once I’ve applied my lipstick I tap, tap, tap on my painted lip with my middle finger and then rub the excess lipstick onto my cheeks; it becomes your cream blush. It gives a complimentary, tone-on-tone warmth to your face and creates a lovely healthy glow.

When it comes to lipstick, again I don’t believe you need to spend a lot. One brand I find its consistency is good is NYX. They have an extensive colour range and are lovely and creamy in texture. I find they stay on well on the lips without becoming dry. You can always make a matte lipstick have a satin finish by simply adding a lubricant of some kind.  

So there you have it … part one of this fabulous interview with a world-famous makeup artist.  For part two, come back tomorrow!  In the meantime, if you’d like to find out more about Joanne Gair and her AMAZING work you can (and you must!) find her at the following social haunts:

Web: www.joannegair.com
Instagram: joannegair
Twitter: @joannegair  


A history lesson … MumptyStyle

A history lesson … MumptyStyle!

Shhhh … I have a confession to make … I’m a history geek – now you know!

As is the usual manner of my obsessions though, rather than being broad-minded about it, I focus on one narrow historical period – that period being the colourful reign of the Tudor King Henry the VIIIth.

MumptyStyle Henry VIII

I mean look at the man – so sumptuous and rather delicious wasn’t he?  Well I guess not … but in his day, he was certainly the guy with all the power, the money, the jewels and of course, the ladies!

They say when you’re in love, you lose your head … well then, you can only but imagine the feeling of dread those poor women felt when King Henry’s eye lingered on them with a flicker of lust … losing your head was a very real prospect indeed!

But back to the history lesson – I’m going to deliver it in two parts; in part one we’ll look at what it meant to be a Groom of the Stool.  In part two, we’ll look at the six wives of King Henry the VIIIth and I’ll give you a rundown on their fate in layman’s terms.   Don’t stop reading now – I promise you – it’s kinda interesting, and a little bit ooowweeeeee as well!

It’s a prestigious job, that Groom of the Stool …

MumptyStyle Groom of the Stool

Yes, I know – you’re all gunning to know about who was around when King Henry the VIIIth did a poo – and luckily I’m here to help.  Let’s start out our lesson by defining “the stool.”  Also known as the “close stool” the royal stool was pretty much a seat with a place underneath it to collect poo – nowadays we just call it a toilet.

MumptyStyle Stool
A “close stool” from around the 1650’s as seen in Hampton Court Palace.

Being King Henry meant you didn’t have to deal with wiping  your own bottom or disposing of your own poo – you simply appointed a Groom of the Close Stool to do that; and surprisingly it was a very prestigious job.  Why you ask?  Because the physical proximity to the King that was necessary to perform your “role” meant that naturally you became quite a close confidante of the King (who by the way, often suffered constipation, so was on that stool for long periods of time – you’re welcome!) and became privy to many, potentially financially beneficial, secrets.  Although the Groom of the Stool would never give away these secrets (wink, wink) they led to him becoming very feared, very respected and therefore very powerful at court.  Eventually, over a very long period of time, the role developed into one of administration of the royal finances.  So essentially, an accountant – make of that what you will.

King Henry the VIIIth’s Grooms of the Stool included Sir William Compton, Sir Henry Norris and Sir Anthony Denny – all very powerful men as you would know if you were interested in Tudor history like moi.

So .. there you have it; who did what with the royal poo and how they made a career of it!

So next up in our history lesson then is part two – the wives and what happened to them.  Read on …

MumptyStyle Katherine of AragonWife # 1 – Catherine of Aragon
Originally married to Henry’s brother, who inconveniently died.  Henry sensed his opportunity, married her when he was young then went on and did whatever he liked for the remainder of their marriage.  Then when he fell in love with Anne Boleyn, he experienced a convenient moral crisis about marrying his brother’s wife, and not only divorced her, but sent her away where she lived in all-but-poverty far from the court.  Nice.

MumptyStyle Anne BoleynWife # 2 – Anne Boleyn
A bewitching and intelligent women, Anne Boleyn was pursued relentlessly by Henry.  She finally got the ring on her finger, but couldn’t deliver the goods when it came to live male heirs.  Henry tired of her and accused her of adultery and incest with her brother.  End result – he ordered both their heads to be lopped off.  So not a good result for those two sadly.

MumptyStyle Jane SeymourWife # 3 – Jane Seymour
Really little more than a pawn in the family’s political machinations, she did come up trumps in delivering that elusive male heir.  Unfortunately for Jane, she died two weeks later so didn’t get to luxuriate in the glory of being the only truly successful royal womb!

At this half-way juncture, I thought I’d share this rather attractive version of King Henry the VIIIth, as seen in “The Tudors.”

MumptyStyle Tudors
The delectable Jonathan Meyers as King Henry the VIIIth in The Tudors

OK .. tear your eyes away – we’re back into the “wife situation.”

MumptyStyle Anne of ClevesWife # 4 – Anne of Cleves
Anne was one of the lucky ones really.  There was that unfortunate incident where she spat at Henry, but in fairness to her, it had been a long day, he was dressed in costume and she’d never met him before.  It didn’t set her up for a strong performance though and unfortunately for her (well, fortunately in the end) he “didn’t find her attractive” so she never had to consummate the marriage.  End result, an annulment and the enviable title of “King’s Sister.”  What’s more, she got to live in Anne Boleyn’s old castle.  So a risky situation worked out well for our Anne.

MumptyStyle Katherine HowardWife # 5 – Kathryn Howard
Very beautiful, but a little young (19 to his 49) and a little silly.  Silly enough to have “liaisons” with men other than the King, and even sillier, to have said “liaisons” found out.  End result: same as her cousin Anne Boleyn – lack of a head.

MumptyStyle Katherine ParrWife # 6 – Katherine Parr
He liked the Katherines huh!  Anyway … last but not least in the lineup is Katherine Parr – the only wife to remain married to, and to outlive the grumpy old bugger!  Katherine was planning a marriage to Thomas Seymour when Henry decided he wanted her for himself.  Luckily for Katherine, Henry had the good grace to die four years into their marriage, leaving her free to return to the Thomas situation.  So all in all, this lady really was the winner in the end.

So there you have it readers – a history lesson unlike the ones you learned (or didn’t learn, as the case may be) in school!

Thank you for reading and please feel free to share, share, share away!

Love …


Image acknowledgements:
King Henry the VIIIth portrait via Sport 24
The wives via www.tudorhistory.org
Groom of the Stool cartoon via www.historyextra.com
Photo of the close stool via Wickipedia

Eleven Q&A’s with Miss Pinup NZ …

Red lips, eyeliner flicks and ebony victory rolls …

Eleven Q&A’s with Miss Victory Violet

MumptyStyle Miss Pinup NZ 2014

Red lips, eyeliner flicks and ebony victory rolls … mix these ingredients together; blend with a massive wardrobe of swing dresses; add a dash of sass and a bucket of glamour and who do you have?  Why you have Miss Victory Violet of course- crowned Miss Pinup NZ 2014!  

Miss Victory Violet is a raven-haired beauty from Auckland who describes herself as a pinup model, hairdresser, wife, Disney geek, Lindyhopper and lover of all things pinup and vintage. For those who haven’t yet met Miss Victory Violet, prepare for a thoroughly modern, yet gloriously vintage, vixen!

Ella Webster is the gorgeous young lady behind Miss Victory Violet. Ella, congratulations on being crowned Miss Pinup NZ, and I believe Miss Picture Perfect as well!

I’m assuming, and to be honest even hoping a little (!) that you don’t just wake up looking like the uber-glamorous Miss Victory Violet, and that she takes some creating of a morning. Most pinup personalities have an alter-ego and of course Miss Victory Violet is yours – seeing this interview was initially written for the lovely ladies at Makeup Obsessives, I’d love it if you would answer some questions for us about the role makeup has in the creation of Miss Victory Violet .

Q1. Your makeup is clearly styled in the classic pinup genre; if you had to pick three makeup elements that were totally necessary to achieve your look, what would they be?

A. Definitely red lips and liquid liner with a big flick! And the one that some people don’t do is defined eyebrows! They make such a difference to the overall look… as long as they are done well and not square or pencil thin!

Q2: Let’s face it … red lips are not easy – they can be kinda high maintenance and are not for the faint-hearted! A good pinup girl has a favourite red lippy though; one that looks the part; flatters the lips (and teeth!) and stays the distance. Do share …

A:  Red lips are quite high maintenance and you have to be prepared to check and reapply after eating or drinking. There are ways to increase the longevity of your lippy though! When I apply red lipstick I ALWAYS apply concealer to my lips first, then powder, use a lip liner all over the lips and then apply the lipstick. This not only helps to get the true colour of the lipstick but helps it last longer and avoid bleeding. My favourite shades are Besame Red Hot Red and Natio Rush. Always blot after application so you don’t end up with a red smile! 

There are also a lot of matte lipsticks on the market which also have great staying power, if you don’t mind the dryness. MAC Ruby Woo and Lime Crime Red Velvet Velvetine are my two matte favourites but I do find that I have to apply a regular, more moist lipstick after a few hours to stop feeling so parched! MumptyStyle Miss Pinup NZ 2014Q3:  OK … so we’ve got the red lips covered … now we want the inside running on the eyeliner flicks! Your favourite product/s? And of course, 10 different, 100% fool-proof methods of applying it evenly? And please don’t suggest you freehand it … we WILL take your firstborn child!

A:  I’m not sure if I have a secret, fool-proof method! I’ve been doing eyeliner flicks as my staple makeup look since I was 17 … I feel naked without it now! My tips for applying liquid liner are these:

Don’t use those felt tip pen liners – they never seem to come out highly pigmented.

I mostly use Rimmel Glam Liquid Liner and also have MAC Black Track Gel Liner. I use the MAC one in the inner corner of my eyes as it is more waterproof and doesn’t transfer to my lower lid as easily. I highly recommend using a liquid liner with a very fine brush- that’s why I use Rimmel! It’s impossible to get a nice pointy flick with a fat tip! 

I always apply my liquid liner with my eye open, that way I can shape it to my eye easily and make sure it’s even and matching the other eye. I usually start in the middle and work my way into the inner corner of my eye. Then I will draw the flick. Some days the angle is spot on, sometimes not! I just start in the corner and draw it up, aiming for the end of my eyebrow. Then I fill it all in! My eyeliner is always thicker than I initially want it due to going back and forth between each eye trying to make them match!

MumtpyStyle Miss Pinup NZ 2014

Q4. Start to finish … how many products do you use on your face to create Miss Victory Violet?

A:  Antipodes Cleanser and Moisturizer, MAC Prep and Prime, MAC Matte Gel, MAC Matchmaster Liquid Foundation, MAC Studio Fix Powder, 3 eyeshadow shades, liquid liner, mascara, black eyeshadow for brows, highlighter, contour, blush, concealer, lip liner and lipstick.

Total of 18!

Q5:  Is there one product, that once applied, makes you think “yip, there she is … Miss Victory Violet” or is she a combination of hair, makeup and outfit?

A:  It’s really a combination of hair and makeup! I love getting ready in the morning and putting together my look!

Q6:  As gorgeous as she is, Miss Victory Violet is a high-maintenance lady … do you have a five-minute “go to” look that you employ for occasions when you need to roll out of bed the morning after a big night out and pop down to the local dairy for a restorative fatty girls pie?

A:  Believe it or not, I do have jeans! On my days off when all I am doing is hanging around home or going to the supermarket, I will just wear jeans and a t-shirt. I won’t do my hair or makeup because I think it’s good to give your skin at least one rest day a week! 

MumtpyStyle Miss Victory Violet

Q7:  If you don’t mind me saying, your look seems inspired by the glorious Dita Von Teese (hmmm … why did I ask that … I’d give my right kidney to be told that?!) Is she your style inspiration? Are there others?  

A:   Yes, Dita has inspired me over the years, I guess since she is more mainstream, she was someone who I used to look at as a teenager and wish I could be like her! I take a lot of my inspiration from Instagram – I love finding someone new who dresses in the vintage style and puts together amazing outfits! I love Doris Mayday for her hair, outfits and modelling style and she is so lucky to have Tony Medina do her hair all the time! He is just amazing!

Q8.  Holy Grail product?

A:  Ohhh that’s hard! I have to pick my hair spray – Davines No.7 Crystal Fixative Lacquer. It has so much hold but it’s also super shiny and smells amazing. It’s been discontinued by Davines and the replacement just doesn’t cut the mustard. I don’t know what I am going to do without it so I’m stocking up!

Q9:  Favourite makeup tip?

A:  I’ve recently discovered MAC Matte Gel- I mix it half and half with MAC Prep and Prime for a lovely velvety matte finish. It keeps the shine away all day!

Q10:   Table of eight; you and your husband and six other people (living or dead) … who would they be?    

A:  Elizabeth I, Ellen Degeneres, my Nana Josie, Elvis Presley, Dr Who and Dita Von Teese 

Q11:  If there was a “makeup time capsule” to be opened in 50 years time, what product would you put in it and why?    

A:  Probably my favourite red lippy – Natio Rush –  because knowing how lipstick colours come and go, it might not be around anymore!

 Thank you so much for your wonderful answers @MissVictoryViolet @MrsEllaWebster @MissPinupNZ2014 … it’s been grand!

If you’d like to find out more about Miss Victory Violet you can find her posting OOTDs and hair and makeup tutorials (she does a bangin’ Flipagram!) at the following social spots:




My faux interview with Elvis Presley

My (faux) interview with the legendary Elvis Presley 

MumptyStyle Elvis
Image via http://www.justacarguy.blogspot

Following my recent (faux) interview with the stunning Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley himself contacted me to suggest he would like to do an interview too – you can imagine my delight!  “Why thank you, Elvis” I said, “yes, I rather would like to interview you!”

Elvis was taken from us in 1997 – far too young at the age of only 42.  He lives on in our memories and on our airwaves as the undisputed King of Rock’n’Roll.  His voice, talent, looks and charisma have ensured the massive stardom he achieved while he was alive has only increased since his death – his stature as one of the true greats is assured for many, many years to come.

Rather than talk about Elvis’s achievements and his talent, we decided to be shallow and talk about his looks and his style instead!  Just as Marilyn was a trendsetter, so too was Elvis – he was the first of the rockers to make “bad boy” style cool and sparked the quintissential Rockabilly-style.

So Elvis, let’s get started …

Q1. What do you think of this style … look familiar ?  

MumptyStyle Rockabilly
Image via phillyprgirl.com

A.  It looks very familiar and I love it Mumpty – Rockabilly style at its finest.  My sources tell me the Rockabilly look  has undergone quite a resurgence in recent years and I’m pleased to hear that – it was a good look the first time round.  The only thing I’d like to point out is that I preferred not to wear denim. 

Fun fact # 1: Elvis didn’t really like wearing denim – it reminded him of his less than fortunate upbringing.

Q2. The “Elvis pompadour” is now iconic.   Can you tell us what products you used.
A.  First off … did you know my hair wasn’t naturally black?  It was sandy blonde, but I liked it edgier – blue black – so I had it dyed.  I was pretty lucky I had my own personal hairstylist – Larry Geller – he used to dye my hair for me every two or three weeks – I think the product he used was L’oreal.  I told him “you can do whatever you want with my hair, just make sure I don’t lose it.”   I basically just used pomade and a comb to get it how I wanted it.  Then hairspray – lots of hairspray.  It used to flop quite a bit though when I was performing ‘cos of the lights and moving around so much.

Mumpty: “and all that hip-thrusting too …”
Elvis: “yeah, there was a bit of that!”

MumptyStyle Elvis hair
Image via apimages.com

Note: Elvis’s personal hairstylist has said he used Royal Crown Hair Dressing pomade on Elvis’s hair, which gave it that wet, shiny look.  It only had three ingredients; petrolatum (petroleum jelly), olive oil and fragrance – fancy stuff!

MumptyStyle Elvis Pomade
Image via pomade-shop.eu

You can still get this pomade and they’ve never deviated from their original recipe – I guess if something ain’t broke, don’t fix it right?!

Q.3 Elvis, tell us how were you feeling when this picture was taken?

MumptyStyle Elvis Army haircut
Image via elvispresleymusic.com

A.  Well, it was too late at that stage anyway ma’am – it was already done! Just before the cut though, I was pretty apprehensive to be honest – my hair was a big part of my look.  But I was going into uniform anyway, so that wasn’t really a problem as my “look” was going to be the same as all the other guys.  In general though, I was pretty nervous about the whole two-year military stint but I wanted to do what I could for my country and not to take advantage of my position, so I did it.   

Note: this image of Elvis’s defiantly-cool hair being reduced to Army standard instantly became a pop culture phenomenon.  Prior to the “big chop” thousands of teenaged girls (and older women too I’d guess!) wrote to the president trying to avert the “national crisis” of Elvis’s haircut!

Q4.  Elvis, did you see yourself as a trendsetter in terms of fashion? 
A.   No ma’am …at first it would amaze me when I’d wear something and then suddenly it was “street style” around the world – it was pretty surreal.  After a while though I started to play with it a bit and I’d wear increasingly outrageous stuff – just to see what people made of it.  I guess I had access to whatever I wanted in many ways when it came to fashion – and being a showman – I took advantage of that.  I loved tailor-made suits, hand-made shirts and I liked to wear pink – which, at the time, was not the done thing.  I was big on leather jackets too – I had hundreds of them – in all colours – I never shied away from colour.  I also never forgot the power of a simple white shirt, (which, if I’m honest, suited me better when I was younger!) although I did like clashing prints and textured fabrics too.  As you know, in my later years, I wasn’t adverse to a bit of lycra and lamé either … in fact I was wearing it long before P Diddy sent it down the runway – just sayin’! 

MumptyStyle Elvis green shirt
Image via gophoto.us

Note: A letter, sent in 1956, from Elvis’ costume suppliers, had a pencil note on it, indicating Elvis’s measurements at the time were: chest – 40″, waist – 32″ and he wore size 10 shoes.

Q5. Can you tell us the story behind the infamous blue suede shoes?

MumptyStyle Elvis Blue Suede shoes
Elvis’s ACTUAL blue suede shoes. Image via assets.instyle.co.uk

A. Yes ma’am, I can.  That particular song was inspired by Johnny Cash – we were out together one night and Johnny told Carl (Perkins) about a guy he’d met when serving in the military  – this guy had referred to his military regulation airmen’s shoes as his “blue suede shoes.”  Johnny wanted Carl to write a song about it but Carl said he couldn’t write about something he knew nothing about.  Anyway – later that year Carl was watching a couple dance and he heard the guy tell the girl “uh uh – don’t step on my suedes.”  That night he set it to a nursery rhyme “one for the money” and the rest is history I guess. 

Fun fact # 2 – In 2013, the only pair of blue suede shoes owned by Elvis were sold for £48,000.

Q6. What would you say was your most outrageous period in terms of what you wore?  
A.  Aaaah … definitely when I started working with Bill Belew – he designed the jumpsuits and capes I wore – it was a lot of fun.  He was big on embellishment and I enjoyed wearing all that flashy stuff.  Especially the big collars – I really liked those. 

MumptyStyle Elvis Presley jumpsuit
Image via http://www.sportphotography.com

Fun fact # 3 – there are around 250,000 working Elvis impersonators around the world!

Fun fact # 4 Elvis had a great sense of humour – listen to this live performance which was being taped, where he ended up laughing hysterically mid-song!

Fun fact # 5 Elvis’s backing singer in the above video was Cissy Houston – Whitney’s mother.  Her professionalism in carrying on right the way through his antics made him laugh even more!  What made Elvis laugh the most though was that after he’d changed the words to “do you look at your bald head and wish you had hair”, he noticed a man in the audience had taken off his wig and was waving it at him!

And on that rather hilarious, and oh-my-God hot, note – Elvis and I will sign off.  Thanks Elvis – it’s been fantastic talking to you.

MumtpyStyle Elvis Signature

Love …



PS: Elvis has left the website.

My faux interview with Marilyn Monroe

My faux interview with the late, and truly great, Marilyn Monroe …

MumptyStyle Mariyn

Now this may seem an unusual interview, being that Marilyn died in 1962.  Obviously then, I didn’t ACTUALLY talk to her *insert shifty-eyed look here* but I have been obsessed with Marilyn for years and have done lots of reading about her, so I’ve kind of answered my questions on her behalf – I don’t think she’d mind, do you?

Anyway, Marilyn lives on in our memories as one of the most beautiful and alluring women who ever graced this planet and she is still an object of fascination for many.  I really enjoyed researching the products and methods Marilyn used to enhance her legendary beauty and sex appeal.  She was undeniably a trend-setter and was, in many ways, well ahead of her time.

So Marilyn, let’s get started …

Q1. Marilyn, your skin always appeared flawless – what skincare products did you use?
A.  Well hello Mumpty … I’m so pleased you asked me to do this interview!  I used Erno Laszlo products; particularly his Active pHelityl cream for moisturising – it was great for my slightly dry skin; I’m so proud that his company is still going today and many of the products I used are still available.  I spent quite a lot of time with Erno and he created a repair balm especially for me to help fade and repair a scar I had on my stomach.  I also used olive oil on my face and ice baths to firm and tighten my skin.    

MumptyStyle Erno Laszlo
This is the moisturiser Marilyn used – it is still available today.

Note: Marilyn was also reported to use Ponds Cold Cream and Nivea Cleanser, which were both staples of the 1950’s.  She used Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil as well.  Stories that she used Vaseline under her powder have been discounted by her longtime makeup artist, Whitey Snyder, and it does seem unlikely really because oooweeee, your makeup would just look gross, and Marilyn’s never did!

MumptyStyle Marilyn

Q2.  Did you have a favourite makeup brand?
A. Well a lot of the products in my makeup bag were by Erno Laszlo – I really did like his products – especially his Duo-Phase face powder.  But I didn’t use Erno’s products exclusively – I liked Max Factor, Guerlain and Elizabeth Arden too.

Note: Marilyn’s makeup case and its contents were sold by Christies in 1999 for $266,500.  It contained:
3 x Max Factor lipsticks
2 x Elizabeth Arden cream eyeshadows (Autumn Smoke & Pearly Blue)
2 x Elizabeth Arden Eye Stopper eyeliners (one brown & one black)
1 x Leichner of London eyeshadow
2 x bottles of Revlon nailpolish (Cherries a la Mode & Hot Coral)
Glorene of Hollywood eyeliner and false lashes
2 x bottles of perfumed lotion by Shiseido
Anita d’Foged Day Dew cream makeup and cover up
2 x pots of Erno Laszlo makeup

Q.3  Marilyn, was there a makeup “look” that defined you?
A. Well actually, I’d like to think I defined it!  I was, after all, one of the original pinup girls!  But obviously the look that I favoured was a defined brow, eyeliner flicks and red lipstick – you see, even by today’s standards I’m a modern gal! 

MumptyStyle Marilyn Makeup

I think if I was alive today, I might very well be a M.A.C kinda girl … it was lovely of them to create a line of cosmetics especially for me to commemorate my 50 year anniversary. My favourite was the lipstick in Charmed I’m Sure … and the packaging was sublime! 

MumptyStyle MAC Marilyn

Note: Apparently Marilyn used red lip liner and up to five coats at a time of Guerlain’s Rouge Diabolique to achieve those famous lips.  Rouge Diabolique is no longer available but Guerlain’s “Kiss Kiss” lipstick in Insolence de Rouge is an exact dupe.  Marilyn’s makeup artist would make her lip colour darkest at the outer edges and lightest in the middle to create the illusion of fullness.  He also used false eyelashes on the outer edges of her eyes to give her that sexy, bedroom-eyes look she always had.  Her entire eye was covered in a creamy white eyeshadow first, before having soft, smoky brown applied to the outer crease, giving her eyes lovely depth.

Fun fact # 1 – Marilyn’s red lip was voted the most iconic beauty trend of all time.
Fun fact # 2Besame Cosmetics do a lipstick inspired by Marilyn called Red Hot Red – all their vintage reproduction lipsticks are the exact shades used by Hollywood starlets.

Q4.  How did you look after your hair?
A.  My hair wasn’t naturally blonde of course – as you would have seen from my earlier modelling shots.  My main hairdresser was Kenneth Battelle, often known as “Mr Kenneth.”  A Hollywood agent told me I would get more work if I dyed my hair blonde, and so I did – and he was right.  It was the whole “Gentleman Prefer Blondes” thing, but I have to say, it was pretty tough on my hair. I used to think of my hair as being “pillow case white.” 

MumptyStyle Marilyn hairNote: Marilyn’s hairdresser stated she had very fine hair that tended to be oily unless it was washed every day.  Her hair was naturally curly, so she often had it chemically straightened which can’t have been good for it with the products they used back then!

Fun fact # 3LUSH have a fabulous hair mask called “Marilyn.”

Q5.  What’s your favourite fragrance, Marilyn?
A. Chanel No. 5 – of course. 

Note: One of Marilyn’s most famous quotes came about when a radio announcer cheekily asked her what she wore to bed “why, Chanel No. 5, of course” was Marilyn’s response; thus increasing Chanel’s sales and publicity immeasurably!

MumptyStyle Marilyn Chanel

Fun fact # 4: in 2013 Chanel finally made Marilyn the face of their timelessly popular fragrance, Chanel No. 5 – she took over from Brad Pitt!

Q6.  How did you keep fit Marilyn?
A.  Well I never really liked sports, so I just used to run, which actually was pretty unusual at the time.  I did weights too – I never really considered my body amazing to be honest – and I’m so glad I didn’t have to work out like a mad thing like the movie stars do today – ten minutes was enough for me! 

MumptyStyle Marilyn exercise

Fun fact/rumour # 5 Marilyn shaved half an inch off one of each pair of shoes in order to achieve her famous wiggle!

MumptyStyle Marilyn signature

Thanks Marilyn … it’s been wonderful talking to you about your beauty and health routines.  You were truly one of a kind; a legendary beauty and talent whose memory will never fade.

Love …