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GRWM: Bettie Rage

GRWM: the Bettie Rage edition

Bettie all done

Who wouldn’t want to look like this mega babe huh?!

Well in this, the first GRWM (Get Ready With Me) on MumptyStyle, the utterly fabulous Bettie Rage shares the products and techniques she uses to get this pinup-style look.

Bettie Rage is an internationally published pinup and alt model, and also just happens to be Miss Pinup NZ 2015.  She is a proud advocate for bully breeds, a vegan and uses only vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics and skincare.

Anyway, as you would expect, this is going to be a picture-heavy post … but really, with Bettie’s beautiful face, do you mind?!

Here she is, fresh-faced and ready to go … it’s not a bad canvas to start off with can I just say?

Fresh faced

Bettie begins by priming her face with Inika Truly Organic Pure Primer with hyaluronic acid.Anjel_PrimerShe follows that with Inika Truly Organic Liquid Foundation which she applies with a foundation brush.

Inika foundation

Once she has achieved the coverage she is happy with, Bettie goes in with her Inika Truly Organic Mineral Foundation Powder and a big fluffy brush to matt it all down.  (The brush is the Vegan Kabuki brush by Inika.)

Foundation Powder

She then chases away any dark circles with Inika Truly Organic Perfection Concealer.

Anjel Concealer

Next up is contour … Bettie uses the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit to contour and landscape her face, and then …Anastasia

she uses the lighter powder to highlight those fabulous cheekbones.


And here is the combined contour/highlighted result.


Back to the Inika Truly Organic brand … this time Bettie gives herself a rosy glow with the Mineral Blush in Rosy Glow 01.


And why not follow that with an ultra highlight to really add some drama!  Bettie uses E.l.f Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter.

Ultra highlight

Next Bettie shifts her attention to her eyebrows.  Bettie’s eyebrows are actually tattooed, however she adds fullness and definition with the Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade.


Et Voila – beautiful brows!

And now … for the eyelids.  Bettie just follows the instructions on this fabulous E.l.f Eyeshadow Palette and here you have the result – so soft and pretty.

Elf eyeshadow

Next, those beautiful cat eyes!  Bettie uses E.l.f Liquid Eyeliner in black.  Here’s how she does them …


Followed by generous lashings of E.l.f Studio Line Waterproof Lengthening & Volumising Mascara in black and here’s the result:

Mascara eyeliner

Doesn’t she look gorgeous?  Just the finishing touches to go now – the lips and finishing powder.  Bettie takes this look right to the pinup edge with Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Unicorn Blood.


And to set this gorgeous combination of products, Bettie uses her Inika Truly Organic Mineral Setting Powder with the big fluffy Kabuki brush to achieve the airbrushed, picture-perfect look you see below.

Finishing powder

Freakin’ BABE!

So there you have it … the products and techniques used by the beautiful Bettie Rage.  Give her look a try – and if you’re successful in duplicating it, send me a pic – Bettie and I would love to see it!

To follow Bettie and see more of her look, follow her on her social media accounts below.

Image by Shutter Squeeze Photography

Facebook: click here
Instagram: @bettieragenz
Twitter: @BettieRageNZ
Blog: www.bettieragenz.com 

Steal that girl’s look …


Limecrime v Jeffree Star

Another FaceLip-off:
Lime Crime Velvetines -v- Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks

OK … so waaaaay back in September last year, I did a FaceLip-off between Lime Crime Velvetines and the OCC Lip Tars.  You can read about it here. In that particular Clash of the Titans, the Lime Crime Velvetine emerged as the firm favourite.

So here I am, ten months later, pitting my old favourite Lime Crime Red Velvet Velvetine against a heavyweight newcomer; Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipstick in Redrum.

LimeCrime v Jeffree Star

Velvetine Redrum
On the left – a (slightly filtered!) version of Mumpty wearing Lime Crime Velvetine in Red Velvet and on the right; a duck-faced version of Mumpty wearing Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipstick in Redrum.

So what did I think? 
Well for those of you who are impatient and can’t be bothered reading my review, I’ll let you off the hook now by saying that the Velvetine has been knocked out cold by Jeffree’s Velour Liquid Lipstick.  (Are you loving the boxing references as much as I am? I know – I’m just cool that way!)

RedRum logo
The liquid lipstick in question: Redrum

The reasons for the Velvetine’s fall from grace?
(Or should I just say, why Jeffree scored the title?)
 Jeffree’s version is a brighter, more vibrant, truer red.  Having said that, the Red Velvet is gorgeous too; I just found the new formula slightly darker than the original and I liked the original more.
The formula is easier to use.  It has a veerrrrry slightly waxy feel to it and the applicator is just that little bit better. It delivers more product and is just a wee bit easier to fix any little mistakes you may have made before it dries – and with a colour as bright as this one, you need a bit of wiggle room!
It’s not as drying as the Velvetine. It doesn’t leave your lips parched to all hell after five minutes and the formula doesn’t “ball” like the Velvetine can sometimes do.
You can moisten and smoosh your lips (technical makeup term) a little bit and it will redistribute the colour if it’s moved a bit after eating (which it doesn’t very much at all.)
IT.BLOODY.WELL.STAYS.ON – like, seriously!  You ‘aint getting that baby off without some effort! Meaning, that Mumpty’s Red Lipstick Survival Kit may not be necessary with this one.

I guess it also doesn’t hurt that it’s 100% cruelty free, vegan, paraben free and gluten free.

Swatchy, swatchy! Yes, I am aware I went a bit over the edges and my lips are a bit wonky – but I did it for you guys! 

So there you have it; as much as I have loved the Lime Crime Velvetine, I’ve simply had to slide it to the back of my makeup storage in favour of Jeffree’s offering.

Five heart rating?
Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Redrum ♥♥♥♥½ 
Lime Crime Velvetines in Red Velvet (revised score)  ♥♥♥½

(To read Mumpty’s other makeup reviews, makeup-related top tips and chit chat, click the Makeup/Skincare category on the right at the top of the page.) 

My heart belongs to Jeffree …


Mother’s Day for Pinups

Mother’s Day for Pinups …

Pinup Mum Nat Hugill:Lilly Loca – image by studio81 Photography

Nawwww … it’s that time of the year coming up soon – this coming Sunday in fact – where we celebrate our Mums.  Those gorgeous Mums whose job it is to love us unconditionally and to be there for us in our good times and our not-so-good times!  Whatever you’re planning to do for your Mum this Mother’s Day … make it extra-special by adding a big fat THANK YOU and an I LOVE YOU as well!

By the way – isn’t that photo up there ^^ stunning?  That is the impossibly glamorous pinup mum, Nat Hugill – aka Lilly Loca.  When I asked Nat what her idea of a great Mother’s Day was, she responded that all she wants for Mother’s Day is a day with her family.  She doesn’t really believe in gifts and she and her hubby find material things aren’t necessary for happiness.  And now I feel bad because I totally agree!!

But still … I am going to press on with my list of present ideas because while Nat is right, I do quite like presents, mmm-k? Heheeeeeee!  So here are some Mother’s Day ideas for pinups that I personally would like to receive …


 Something foxy from Erstwilder … and he may as well be floral like this, because why not?  And if you’re not “feeling” the foxy vibe for your Mum, what about this gorgeous little “Spiffy” dog – everyone needs a spotty dog brooch right?  You can get these from Rita Sue but I would hurry because I imagine they’re selling pretty fast!

LUSH Mother Superior

A Mother Superior Bubble Bar from Lush!  How cute is this – and let’s face it, Mums can be pretty superior at times!  This one will help deliver her from uncleanliness (!) and leave her skin feeling soft and smelling of cherry blossoms.  Click here to see all of Lush’s Mother’s Day offerings.  I do so love Lush.

A new frock … every Mum likes a new frock if you ask me. The new Mary Blair collection from Pinup Girl Clothing is FABULOUS … and in fact, this very frock is what Mumpty is getting for Mother’s Day!

Teer Wayde – http://www.curvestokill.com

And while we’re on the subject of clothing … I think most Pinup Mums would love one of these Dita cardigans from Wheels & Dollbaby – shown here on Teer Wayde who rocks it most admirably!  And it MAY be coming in the colour below – I most certainly hope it does as I am quite partial to that green, and I don’t (yet) have a Dita cardy.

Dita Cardy Green
Ooooh … let’s hope this IS the colour that’s coming out!
Phoenix Custom Blend
Custom blended foundation by Phoenix Cosmetics

 How about a custom-blended foundation from Phoenix Cosmetics?  Perfectly matched to your skin tone and packaged for you instore – how cool is that?  It comes in both matt and dewy finish options – and while you’re there, maybe check out the luxury lipstick in Some Like It Hot – because, perfect red.

Phoenix Some Like It Hot
Some Like It Hot lipstick by Phoenix Cosmetics

By the way, the spectacular Heidi Heart is a Pink Lady at Phoenix Cosmetics, Wellington, so the colour she’s wearing in the pic below is most likely Some Like It Hot.  If it makes you look like Heidi, you can’t go wrong, right?!

Heidi Heart
Heidi Heart – image by norrie montgomery at The Very Vintage Day out Photo Safari.
Babu Blankets
Isaac cable merino rugs by Babu.

♥ Another option is one of these super-cuddly soft merino Isaac cable blankets by Babu to snuggle up in while she’s watching TV.  I couldn’t choose between the colours so I’ve put all three.  Maybe she needs all three?  Anyway, you can get these at www.collected.co.nz

 And last but not least, while I was snuggling up in my merino blanket, I’d quite like to be wearing these … especially if it made me look like this when I hop out of bed!  These are by Lovable and you can get them here on the Bendon site.

Lovable pjs
Lovable Lea Long PJ set by Bendon

 OK … it wasn’t quite last but not least – because this one simply has to be snuck on to the list – just in case someone won Lotto this weekend and has a considerably larger budget for Mother’s Day than usual …

Sothebys diamond

Bit hard to source though!

So there you have it … some ideas for your Pinup Mum.  And actually, even if she’s not a pinup, she’s still very likely to love these suggestions.  (If I say so myself!)

Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful Mums …

MumptyStyle Sequin Heart





Valentine’s Day for the new mum …

Valentine’s Day for the new mum …

MumptyStyle Nat
Lilly Loca and her gorgeous little girl, Ari.

Following on from yesterday’s post about Valetine’s Day for Pinups (read it here) I have since spoken to the fabulous Lilly Loca (she of the endlessly long legs!) and she has given me the following ideas for Valentine’s Day for new mums, which I thought were too good not to share!

Lilly wrote:  “Ok, as a mother of an infant, I want every once in a while to really feel feminine and beautiful (rather than looking like I’ve been dragged through a bush backwards with a coffee in hand 90% of the time!) I also love to be taken out somewhere special. So here’s my list of what I think would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for a pinup mum” …

A spa experience – even if it’s just a massage, give the special person in your life a bit of time to indulge themselves – when you’re a mum, you tend to put everyone else before yourself.

Go out and buy her a pretty dress – together.  Yes, even if you HATE clothes shopping, this will show your true dedication to her by going through with it!  Say you’d like to buy her a beautiful dress for her to wear when you take her out for dinner.  Because you were there when the dress was chosen, it will mean so much more, plus it will make her feel like a million dollars.

MumptyStyle Lilly Loca
Does this look to you like a woman who has been dragged through a bush backwards? Hell no – that’s what I thought!

 Dinner for two – get someone to babysit and you two go and have a delicious dinner together.  Maybe get in touch with her bestie to ask for advice if you’re unsure of a place to dine, but choose a restaurant that you know both of you will enjoy.  Sorry, McDonald’s ain’t gonna cut it this time!

Ignore all of the above – get someone to babysit the kids away from home (hello Grandma and Grandpa!!) and spend some intimate time alone, just you two, kid-free.  Enjoy a nice movie, bubbles, take-out and a bit of “action” – hey, what better way to show your affection for each other than through some love-making?!

So there you have it … if you are a lucky gentleman who is attached to a new mum, you have NO EXCUSE not to make her feel like an absolute princess now!

Thank you Lilly Loca – I’m sure you will have helped a lot of new mums have a Very Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love …



Valentines Day for Pinups

Valentine’s Day for Pinups …

MumptyStyle Marilyn ValentinesIt’s Valentine’s Day soon – and before you all sigh and roll your eyes, I thought I’d put together a little feature on Valentine’s gifts/treats for the pinup in your life.  And if you don’t currently have a “significant other” there may just be some ideas to treat yourself or someone else you love.

I’ve enlisted a little help from some friends, because ya’ know, two minds are better than one and all that jazz!

So … without further ado, here are some options:
MumptyStyle Erswilder A little something by Erstwilder … here is a picture of one that may just have arrived in my hot little hands yesterday!  And if you’re wondering, I bought it myself from Rita Sue.
A petticoat – I have bought a couple lately, so OK, they’re kinda on my mind!  But they’re soooo pretty and they do add that extra dimension to your pinup outfit.  A red one would be ideal hmmmm?!
♥ Put those little red, heart-shaped lollies that taste like aniseed in their lunch box with a handwritten note telling them how much you love them and why.  I do this for my partner and my daughter each year.
Miss Monique Sweet recommends purchasing the pinup in your life a gorgeous hoola hoop, and maybe a concession card for some classes she can attend.  Hooping classes are FUN.
And although I don’t like to show off (!!), I did write a Pinup Advent Calendar post before Christmas, and there’s a good chance you could steal one of those ideas too …
Book tickets to the Very Vintage Day Out.
Book her a lil’ session in the Pamper Parlour at the Very Vintage Day Out so she can get herself a nice vintage do!
Perhaps a little something from Honey L’Amour‘s Tiki Time range of gorgeous pinup designs? She very conveniently does vouchers too!
Hint from Mumpty – give the red roses a miss at this time of year; they’re too expensive and most pinups wear them in their hair all year round anyway!
Cupcake A slight cliche, but they do say cupcakes are the way to a pinup’s heart don’t they (or did I just make that up?!)
Pack a picnic and take her somewhere special – away from all the crowds.  Bonus points if you have packed pink champagne with strawberries.
Propose!  On bended knee.  With protestations of undying love.  And a bloody big diamond.

Valentine’s treats for yourself/the single pinup …
Any or all of the above.
Get yourself something dreamy and sparkly from Flo Foxworthy – Showgirl Boutique.
Take a burlesque class and marvel at how cute you look when you shimmy in front of the mirror!
Get a tub of ice-cream and a bar of chocolate and enjoy it on the couch watching your favourite horror movie – and don’t feel guilty in.the.slightest – there are zero calories on Valentine’s Day.
Ring someone you think could do with a call or a bit of cheering up/distracting on Valentine’s Day.
Make a list of the things that make you fabulous and stick it to your mirror.  Even better – write them in lipstick on the side of your mirror! (This one was courtesy of Gala Darling.)
Also from Gala: light sky lanterns and release them with your friends – make a wish as you release them.
Dress up in your prettiest pinup ensemble; put your red lippy on and sashay down to your nearest retirement village and hand out red-foiled chocolate hearts.  I bet you’ll feel a million dollars when you leave!
Book in a lesson with someone like Michelle from Debonaire Do’s and finally learn how to do those victory rolls, suicide rolls, or brushouts that you really, really want to do!
Join the DangerDoll Street Team and start whipping that hot pinup body into even better shape!

Grease Hire Grease and sing and dance your little sox off in your living room, using a hair brush as your mike!
Get rid of all the stuff your ex gave you – you’ll feel better for it – promise!
Buy a sequinned, heart-shaped cushion for your bedroom.
I do also happen to know that veeeeerrrry soon you will be able to purchase gorgeous little velvet shorts to wear under your swing skirts and dresses for twirling in!  Check out the Cherry Bomb page here for updates – Madam Rou (a Miss Pinup NZ finalist) tells me she is making red and black velvet shorts for Valentine’s Day – cute!

Valentine’s treats f
or pregnant Pinups …

Von Vonski
A glowingly pregnant Von Vonski – by Froger

I asked the delightful Von Vonski for help on this one as it’s been a long time since I was pregnant!  Von Vonski is a shining light in the New Zealand pinup scene and I love where she’s going with the developing discussions around what individual pinups can bring to the scene and how they can help others – keep an eye out on her Facebook page.  Anyway … here are Von Vonski’s ideas (I have paraphrased them a bit – hope she doesn’t mind!) …

♥ As a pregnant pinup who is still hoping to work as a pinup model my first suggestion or wish would be a big supply of Palmers Coco Butter!! It keeps my belly nice and smooth and it smells like chocolate which is a dream.

Lush bar There is also the Soft Couer massage bar from Lush, which again is a dream on the skin and smells like chocolate!! (OK – we can sense a chocolate craving here!)  It conveniently comes in the shape of a heart.
An “experience night” – I love it when my partner runs me a bath, lets me soak in peace then when I’m ready, he’ll rub my back, which at the moment, is pure bliss!
How about making her favourite dinner and eating it at home; sometimes pregnant women are just too tired for restaurants!
What about a maternity photo shoot with a photographer she trusts?  Pregnancy is such a beautiful time in a women’s life and sometimes they are just too busy being pregnant and getting on with things to actually capture that stage.

Valentine’s treats for Pinups who are new mums …
What about a high-waisted bikini?  They’re trending right now but even more importantly, they will also cover that little muffin tummy new mums sometimes have (mine’s ten years old now!)  Bonus points if you get her a cute little sarong to match.
Satin gown I would’ve quite fancied a satin robe to swan around in when I was a new mum – just a thought.  I have this one now and I rather love it.
Set aside two hours on a Saturday morning where you look after the little one – make sure she knows in advance so she book in a coffee date with some friends or plan which shops she’d like to wander round!  Bonus points for handing her a red envelope with $50 and a little note in it telling her to spoil herself a bit!  Double bonus points if you sneak a Lush voucher in there too.
Book her in for a surprise manicure – or a massage.
Maybe a little something from Swonderful Boutique, or Rita Sue?

Valentine’s treats for the Pinup’s man … 
A box of Speights Ale and some quiet time at the beach?
Hire a vintage car and head down to the Classics Museum for a drive-in movie.

Monique & Sam
Miss Monique Sweet and her beau Sam Kimber-Bell at the Classics Museum in Hamilton – image by Handcrafted Stories.

1957 Gretcsh 6120 Of course if you’re wanting to spend thousands, then I’m sure your rockabilly man will REALLY appreciate this 1957 Gretcsh 6120 guitar thingy!

So I could go on, but this post is loonnnnng already!  I hope it gives you some ideas for the gorgeous pinup gal in your life; or for yourself; or for your man … you’d better hurry though, you’ve only got a couple of days to do your shopping or plan your surprise!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

MumptyStyle Sequin HeartLove and pink sequins …



She bloody well did it!

She bloody well did it!
Congratulations Miss Moonshine 2015, Miss Monique Sweet!

MumptyStyle MonSweet Miss Moonshine

If you’ve been following my blog lately (and thank you if you have!) you will have read this post about Miss Monique Sweet’s preparation for Miss Moonshine and this post wishing her good luck.

Well it worked!  Well – that and a little preparation and input from her of course!!!!

Miss Monique Sweet is now Miss Moonshine 2015!  Wahooooooo!

Here she is in one of her winning ensembles (STUNNING watermelon custom skirt by Devel Men and Women and custom top by Honey L’Amour) with the gorgeous Miss Moonshine Judge, Ivy Fox – who you may or may not know, has been selected to compete in the prestigious Miss Viva Las Vegas Pinup Contest alongside Miss Victory Violet.

Miss Monique Sweet deserves this title so much – and she has made away with some WONDERFUL prizes as well!

Hopefully soon I will be able to do a little rundown on the whole ensemble development process – now that it’s not a big secret!!!!

Love and celebratory hugs to you, Miss Moonshine 2015 …


Good luck Miss Monique Sweet!

Good luck for Miss Moonshine, Miss Monique Sweet!

MumptyStyle MonSweet
Photo by Handcrafted Stories

Recently I wrote a post about my gorgeous friend, Miss Monique Sweet, who is competing for the inaugural title of Miss Moonshine this Sunday at Trentham – you can read all about it here.

Anyway … I know she is slightly terrified about the competition, but I also know she has put lots of effort into it and has the MOST RAD outfits, so if you’re in the Trentham area – get along and show her some love!  And, of course … vote for her in the People’s Choice Award.

And, just ‘cos I can, here are some more beautiful pics of this classically gorgeous, pinup babe.

MumptyStyle Monique Sweet Pushing Up Pixels
Image by Pushing Up Pixels Collective
MumptyStyle MonSweet Pukemiro
Shot on location at Pukemiro – SHOT by Dave Curran

And one more for luck …

MumptyStyle MonSweet Ruapuke
Image at Ruapuke Beach – SHOT by Dave Curran

So as you can see … she is TOTALLY deserving of the Miss Moonshine title!

Sending big hugs and luck!

Love and (more totally unbiased) kisses …


Pinup December links

Pinup December …

MumptyStyle Venus_Starr
Venus Starr

If you don’t know about Mumpty’s Pinup December, you are in for a treat. A stunning pinup, burlesque performer or alt model every day for December; what’s made them proud this year and a charity of their choice. Click on the links below for each individual Pinup December model’s page.

First up is the entirely spectacular Venus Starr.
And day two – the gorgeous Azure D’Murre.
Day three – the dazzling Amourous Ava.
Day four – international burlesque costumier to the stars, Flo Foxworthy
Day five – she’s a stunner! It’s Leda Petit.
Day six – it’s the fabulous Coney Bow.
Day seven – is the sassy Sugar Spanx.
Day eight – it’s Miss Pinup NZ 2014 – Miss Victory Violet.
Day nine – is the incomparable Lilly Loca.
Day ten – she’s sassy, smart and funny – she’s Miss Monique Sweet.
Day eleven – a gorgeous “raw” image of Duchess deBerry.
Day twelve – the effervescent Lady Kittyhawk.
Day thirteen – the marvellous Miss Mollie Tov.
Day fourteen – it’s the grand dame, Miss Chevious Cinders.
Day fifteen – the spectacular Bonita Danger Doll.
Day sixteen – the delightful Pixie Twist.
Day seventeen – the sassy MisRed Delicious.
Day eighteen – the delicious Ruby Spice.
Day nineteen – the incredible Miss Anthropy.
Day twenty – the beautiful Sweet Painted Lady.
Day twenty-one – old-style glamour with Amber La Vintage.
Day twenty-two – it’s the stunning Soda Fontaine.
Day twenty-three – is the sexy alt model Bettie Rage.
Day twenty-four – the glorious Trillian.
Day twenty-five – the lovely Miss Christmas Day, aka Miss Charlotte Cake.
Day twenty-six – it’s burlesquin’ superwoman, Ruby Ruin.
Day twenty-seven – it’s the sassy and sexy Alegra Fantail.
Day twenty-eight – it’s petite singer and designer, Honey L’Amour.
Day twenty-nine – the gorgeous, newly-married Miss Bettsy Rose Lee.
Day thirty – it’s Mumpty!
Day thirty-one – Pinup December roundup.
Pinup December – donation – Westpac Rescue Helicopter Trust – click here.
Pinup December – donation – SPCA – click here.

Pinup December: Mumpty

Pinup December – Mumpty

MumptyStyle Pukemiro
Image by David Rowe Photography

Well, would you look at that … here I am on Pinup December! I hadn’t planned to be, but then I decided I have a lot to be proud of and grateful for this year, so here I am!

What Mumpty is most proud of this year … (in her own words) “Like many of the other girls that have taken part in Pinup December, there have been so many things I’ve been proud of in 2014 … my daughter turned ten this year and she is still the most amazing little creature I know and I love her like you wouldn’t believe.  Her achievements well outweigh mine and I love watching her grow and develop her cheeky personality! 

I am also really proud that I FINALLY created my blog (www.mumptystyle.com) – I’ve always loved to write and had been meaning to create a blog for so long, but for some reason, kept finding excuses not to start.  Finally I decided it “was time” and so far I am absolutely loving having this little space to write in and it makes my little heart swell when people actually read what I write and enjoy it!  I am super-proud of my Pinup December feature – mostly because of all the incredible women who agreed to be a part of it – I appreciate it SOOOO much.  

And I’m also sneakily proud that I came runner-up for Miss January in Vintage Life Magazine’s competition; I am Miss March in the Classics Museum Pinup Calendar 2015 and Miss December in the Cheesecake Pinup Calendar 2015.

I’ve also loved being a part of the burlesque community and have met some amazing women who I’m proud to call friends; their creativity and their showgirl antics are a joy to be a part of!!!”

MumptyStyle Lutece Mumpty
Image by Myra Bayly, Lutece Photography

Also … I would like to thank Miss Monique Sweet who is SOOOOO supportive of my blogging efforts – she always adds to my little ideas and makes them better!

Mumpty’s charity of choice … is the SPCA.

Join MumptyStyle on Facebook: click here.
Visit Mumpty’s blog: click here.

AND DON’T FORGET … you can get 15% off your purchase at Flo Foxworthy Costumier from now until the end of the year – just enter the code mumpty at checkout. 

Love …



Pinup December: Miss Bettsy Rose Lee

Pinup December – Miss Bettsy Rose Lee

MumptyStyle Miss Bettsy Rose Lee
Image by Brooke Baker – Photo taker, magic maker

This gorgeous pinup/burlesque performer is the recently-married and fresh-back-from-her-honeymoon, Miss Bettsy Rose Lee.  I’d like to wish her and her husband a happy and sparkly marriage and all the love in the world!  I’m so pleased to feature Miss Bettsy Rose Lee here on Pinup December.

What Miss Bettsy Rose Lee is most proud of this year … (in her own words) “Winning two Golden Garters at this year’s New Zealand Burlesque Festival was a huge shock and honour, especially the award for Favourite Routine!

I was also thrilled with the productions I have been involved in creating this year. Three successful Crazy Diamond Burlesque shows at the mighty Meteor Theatre here in Glamilton which I co-produced with my two best friends and of course, the biggest production of my life – my wedding!  (Click here to read about her Hen’s Night – Mumpty)

Bettsy’s Christmas memory: coming home from Midnight Mass to discover that Santa had been and being allowed to open my presents at about 1am!  Brilliant really, as we all got to sleep in on Christmas morning!”

Miss Bettsy Rose Lee’s charity of choice … is Nvader.

Join Bettsy on Facebook: click here.

AND DON’T FORGET … you can get 15% off your purchase at Flo Foxworthy Costumier from now until the end of the year – just enter the code mumpty at checkout. 

Love …